Special Purpose

Unlike some of the larger national companies in our market, Reece Commercial Real Estate embraces the opportunity to sell and lease special purpose properties. First, we consult with the owner of the property to determine the owner’s needs and goals. Next, we evaluate the property in light of those. Finally, we discuss among the agents the marketability and pricing of the property.

If we determine that selling or leasing a particular special purpose property is something we can do successfully, we assign the listing to the best qualified agent and put it through our normal listing process. If we determine that we are not the appropriate company to sell or lease a particular special purpose property, we respectfully decline because we do not want to create false expectations for the owner. When possible, we will suggest an alternative brokerage to assist the owner.

Our track record of selling and leasing special purpose properties—from churches to event centers to auto repair shops to car washes to vacant daycare and vacant school buildings—is excellent. Included in our experience is handling complex transactions for the not-for-profit community.

Our agents with special purpose sales and leasing experience have a knack for achieving success in this very specialized area.