Tenant and Buyer Rep

Kansas and Missouri Real Estate law states that an agent is a transaction broker if they do not have a signed agreement with a lessor or lessee; buyer or seller. Without an agreement, that agent represents the transaction, not either party. A tenant or buyer’s agent represents the tenant or buyer only. The tenant or buyer’s agent is responsible for performing the following duties:

• Promoting the interests of the tenant or buyer with the utmost good faith, loyalty and fidelity
• Protecting the tenant or buyer’s confidences, unless disclosure is required by law
• Presenting all offers in a timely manner
• Advising the tenant or buyer to obtain expert advice
• Disclosing to the tenant or buyer all adverse material facts that the agent knows.

Attorneys, lenders, accountants – you recognize their expertise and weigh their advice. You recognize the value of their specialized knowledge. Having a commercial real estate expert you can count on to represent your interests can be just as important as having other professionals.

Having your own Broker is Important

Once you enter into the tenant or buyer representation agreement with Reece Commercial Real Estate, you will begin to appreciate the value of a company with over 176 years of commercial real estate expertise.

Our agents are the experts at matching your needs with available properties. Our agents are qualified to negotiate terms and handle the transaction always keeping your best interest in mind.